This project is a study of wilderness management through the exploration of viewing areas and platforms at Big Bend and Death Valley National Park. I spent a few years researching and photographing these locations alongside a colleague who wrote an in depth theoretical analysis of the political national park infrastructure and the problems of wilderness management. The photographs highlight the visitor’s experience of the landscape at the park as a highly curated one. The visual language for each park and its branding are perpetuated by the pictures constantly made. Visitors are informed of the best vantage points amongst so many others. In many cases it is possible to make photographs without thinking. Within the context of the park there are many types of boundaries and some of them are barely visible. Visitor center materials frame the experience through multiple mediums, including exhibits displaying reenactments of the essential aspects of the park with photography, dioramas, audio and video. Where does the exhibit begin and end? And, how has new media affected our ability to find our own viewing platforms?